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To Be Mine

January 23, 2010

Just a short one today…about cars. Yeah, I just happen to be one of the most active fan of cars. There are four cars that I would kill to buy as of now. AUDI: TTS Roadster, R8, Mercedes-Benz: SL-Class, and Murcielago LP 640 Roadster. They may not be others’ favorite, but they are MY loves. Of course, I would have to work till death do me apart to buy all these or get a first place in lotto (yup, a foolish dream, but hey! you never know).

1. TTS Roadster

Pretty cheap compared to the other cars that I want to buy, which is the reason why I am planning to buy this car first!! Just dream about yourself in this car, the wind passing by your ears, music beating loudly out of your speakers. Frankly speaking, I would do ANYTHING to get my own TTS Roadster. It’s just so lovely! Not too sporty, and not too feminine.

2. R8

Famous for showing off its beauty as ‘The Iron Man”‘s favorite car in the movie “Iron Man,” the R8 model of AUDI is one of those that seems like it will run faster than the speed of light. The cost is very high, but every aspects of this car makes the price feel more than appropriate. I just love this car!

Two other cars, Mercedes-Benz: SL-Class and Murcielago LP 640 Roadster, are yet to be introduced by me! ..but I would have to leave it till later, because my eyes are barely open. You may even happen to find thousands of errors in my post and if you do, please please pleaseeeee write it in the comment section. You may even happen to find thousands of information you do not agree with and if you do, please please pleaseeeeee share it with me in the comment section. BUT if you have a point you want to know more about or totally agree with, you HAVE to leave me a comment or two! Otherwise, it may be a great idea to print up some pictures of cars (or other things you adore) and put it up on the wall in front of you. They say people work ten times better if they visually see their dream constantly. Other than that, good night…or morning…or after noon…or whatever…and be safe!

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  1. Luigi Fulks permalink
    April 14, 2010 5:36 PM

    beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one this good jeans for me .thanks

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