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Good Bye 2009, Greetings 2010!

February 2, 2010

A new day has come! So, it’s that time of the year, again, where you look back on yourself and delightfully dream about the future-to-come. But truthfully I’m not excited at all. Not only am I getting one year closer to death, but also is the time I have left to learn from my mistakes. And so, I hereby disclose what I’ve done well, and badly in the first semester without further ado:

I would say I made a significant progress in the academic field. My GPA boosted dramatically, I learned to set my own pace with my work, and I taught myself to restrain from getting distracted. By the end of the 9th grade, I was screaming with a GPA of 3.67, which has become a ridiculous GPA to me now. (No intention to boast here) What I’m saying is that as my academic skills were enhanced, my expectation for my own skyrocketed as well. Then, my effort to try harder and belief in myself worked together to result in a high GPA, which still needs to be polished to satisfy me. One of the difficulties I was struggling with by the end of the 9th grade was arranging my time. I spent most of the day watching movies and catching up on TV shows. However, I now create a list of things to do every morning and assign time to each tasks. This prevents me from getting distracted, and focus more on what I have to do. I still wish that I learn to favor all subjects equally. As of now, I have an A in every subject. Everything, except for US history. US history is one and only one subject I am weak in and have no idea how to ‘love’ the subject. And since one of my life-long motto is, “enjoy if now avoidable”, I really want to find a way to do well in history courses as well. Another skill I would like to refine is the ability to express myself in English fluently and interestingly. Despite the fact that I am trying, works I produce are neither grammatically perfect nor able to ‘hook the readers in’. Considering that this can affect my academic skill remarkably, this is one of the things I will need to pay close attention to.

There was a time last year, when I had to write about how much I am involved with the society. Blank. I ended up turning the paper blank. It was then that I realized how detached I was from the rest of the world. I was not a passionate member of any club, I was not an active member of any community service group, I was just one of billions of people who study to get into colleges. So, becoming the anti-me-in-2009 was one of my priorities at the beginning of this year. Now? I feel, believe, see myself as a part of the society. My goal for the rest of the year would then be staying as an important member who truly cast a big influence in the world. A person who will be remembered by people for a long, long time. I would have to stop being the aloof, secluded, cold May.

By the end of the year, I, May, will have not only gained one-year worth of intelligence, but also have gained one-year worth of life experience. Grateful For Life, Free From Needs, Thankful For Tomorrow


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