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Small Hand, Many Lives

February 5, 2010

When I was young, I cried over Sleep Beauty getting pricked by a spindle. When I was young, I worried about barbie dolls. When I was young, my only concern was how to convince my mom so that I can attend my friend’s birthday party at a luxurious hotel. And now as a teenager, my biggest concern is getting a high GPA.

On January 12th, the children in Haiti lost their hope.

They worry about whether they will be lucky enough to get a handful of water.

On January 12th, an earthquake measuring 7 plus on the Richter scale destroyed Port au Prince Haiti.

Just before 5P.M., Haitian children had a welcoming family. Just after 5P.M., Haitian children had noone.

They wonder whether they will have a mother. A father? They wonder. Amidst devastating piles of dust and bare land, they pray for food more than safety. They pray for water more than mother

Help Haiti. Just a small amount of help can save hundreds, even thousands of lives.

“It’s not the situation. It’s your reaction to the situation.” – Robert Conklin

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