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Finding The Last Puzzle Piece

February 9, 2010

Do you know the feeling that you get when you have the last piece of puzzle in your hand? Do you know the feeling that you get when you put in the last piece of a puzzle? Do you know the feeling that you get when you write the last words of your essay?

I don’t. I have not found that last piece yet. I am steadily and slowly finding and fitting in the pieces from the pile of puzzle pieces, but I have not reached the last one yet. I have so much to accomplish before I can say, “Eureka!”

Each year, I tell myself, ‘I need to work on my writing skills.’ This year, however, I decided to write about exactly HOW I can improve my writing. The six traits that readers look for when looking over an essay are ideas, organization, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions. While most people would agree that I have a strong voice and ideas, my weak points are sentence fluency, organization, and conventions.

The most important one out of them is organization. Without an effective organization, the author cannot deliver one’s message to the readers properly. No matter the kind, every good writing should not leave the readers with questions. However, I had friends who read my essay constantly ask me about the thesis of the essay of the topic sentence of each paragraph. In addition, I forgot to put in some background information that I should have in order to help the readers know what I am talking about. From now on, I will try writing an outline before starting the essay, so that I can not only prevent myself from getting off-topic, but also check to see if I am missing anything or have additional information that is unnecessary.

The last two, sentence fluency and conventions, are closely related. I believe that I have problem with these areas because I do not revise my work thoroughly. Many teachers, including my mother, have continuously told me to revise my work to make sure that I did not make any stupid grammatical errors. However, I forget to do so, especially when I am running out of time or when I decided to start the essay one hour before the deadline. I really need to stop blaming on the fact that I have never been to United States and start doing something that will allow progress.

So…what do you guys think? Would you like to encourage me? Do you have any suggestions for me on how to improve my writing skills? If so, don’t forget to hit da ‘comment’ button and share it with me!

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  1. Ted Leach permalink
    February 10, 2010 12:23 AM

    Honestly? Keep writing. If you feel like your organization is weak, don’t sell yourself short. I like how you lead with the analogy of the puzzle piece, then move from there to analyze your own writing. This shows a good understanding of how organization works. Revision can be challenging, but it does need to be done in order to ensure your writing sparkles. Keep it up!

    • February 10, 2010 8:54 AM

      Hi! Thank you for the comment and I totally agree with you. I’m happy to hear that you liked the analogy I used. I will keep writing and writing and writing, and hopefully one day I will return to this post and realize how much I’ve improved. Hey, after all, practice makes perfect, eh? Well, thanks again, for the comment and see you later!

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