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Korea? Corea!!

April 6, 2010

'Eastern Sea' written on a map

Did you know that the actual name of the country named Korea is ‘Corea’? Did you know that the name has not been changed voluntarily, but by Japanese who just “didn’t like” the fact that ‘C’ of Corea came before ‘J’ and so decided to change the ‘C’ to ‘K’, which happens to be right after the ‘J’? Japan has recently receiving loads of criticism for manipulating history and teaching it to their young. Since elementary school, Japanese kids are brainwashed to think that Japan is the center of the world.

What else have the almighty Japanese changed? I’m sure that those of you who paid attention to the tension between Corea and Japan will have heard of the East Sea. The name ‘East Sea’, which points to the sea that lies between Corea and Japan, has been altered to Sea of Japan starting from the 19th century. Considering the fact that the name ‘East Sea’ has been used for more than 2,000 years, the new name ‘Sea of Japan’ is nothing but unacceptable.

Even the Japanese once used the name 'Sea of Joseon (Corea)'

One thing is known for sure: no such name existed prior to the mid-19th century even in Japan. However, when Japan annexed Corea, Japanese forcibly prohibited the use of Corean language, Hangul. Then, they started using the name ‘Sea of Japan.’

Since 1991, the government of Corea has steadily raised awareness of this problem at UN Conferences and has made an effort to regain the proper name. We, the Coreans, sincerely hope the name ‘Sea of Japan’ will not be accepted and will constantly inform the world of the name ‘East Sea,’ with historical background regarding the matter.

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