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Achilles’ Heel

April 7, 2010

“If you sleep now, you will dream. But if you study now, your dream will come true.”

This quote scares me every night. My favorite hobby is sleeping, but every time I remember this quote, it makes me feel uncomfortable and think as if sleeping is a crime. Yes. The biggest weakness I have is sleeping. I LOVE sleeping and can NEVER, EVER give it up. Well, sometimes, I do stay up for the whole night, but that’s only when I have tons up unfinished homework. I always promise that I will wake up early in the morning at the beginning of the year as my goal, and yet, it’s never been kept for over a month so far. I’ve seriously tried almost everything: sleeping extremely early so that I will biologically be waken up, setting the alarm so loud to the point where it could be heard by the neighbors, asking my parents to wake me up. However, none of them have worked so far: sleeping very early and waking up early prevented me from focusing on school work at school because it went against my biological clock; the alarm bell worked for a day or two, but I got used to it and couldn’t hear it in my sleep (hey! I’m a deep sleeper. some people do that) from then; my parents got tired of waking me up, because I scream at them if they wake me up (I get extremely mad at ANYONE who wakes me up in the morning, except when they wake me up after noon).

I’m sure somebody else has these problems as well. As of now, I have absolutely no idea on how to work through this problem. I don’t want to wear out my parents, nor have this problem until college where I will have to be independent.

What do you think? Do you suffer from this type of problem also? Do you have any suggestions for me? If so, feel free to leave any comment!

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