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One of the things Korea is famous for is Hanbok, Korean tranditional dress. Hanbok is most well known for simple design and variety of colors. Currently, modern hanbok, which went through major and minor changes over time, is worn at semi-formal or formal parties throughout the World. Hanbok for female and male is different, starting with its components. Female’s hanbok is largely made up of two parts: Jeogori (upper garment) and Chima (skirt). Male’s hanbok consists of Jeogori and Baji (pants). Jeogori’s main conent is goreum (고름), which is the string attached to the front to tie the jeogori. As time passed, the jeogori got shorter to make women look taller.

Chima is the lower part of hanbok, which extends from waist to ground level. As the most important factor to consider when picking hanbok is matching of the color of jeogori and chima, chima is mostly the darker color than the jeogori. Under the chima, women wear sokchima, which is just a thin layer of white skirt.

The high quality of fabrics of hanbok and simple but attractive style of hanbok adds onto the gracefulness of women. Some people adjust hanbok here and there to make it look more modern, like the picture below. So, what do you think? Isn’t hanbok pretty? If you think so, you can find out more about it at here. Although Koreans do not wear hanbok as much these days, except for occasional days including wedding ceremony, hanbok is what all of us should cherish forever with us as our ancestors’ proud gift.

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